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About Us: Liquid and Hazadous Waste

There is a lot you can know about us. WRS specialises in the collection, and safe disposal of liquid waste and prescribed wastes generated by industry.

WRS has been in the liquid waste management business for more than nine years. We try by all means to meet all our client’s needs that range from private homes, government departments, non-governmental organisations and others. We are constantly improving ourselves to always meet your waste requirements and needs. At any time, you can rely on us for quick turn-around, convenient scheduling and affordability concerning your waste removal decisions.

WRS has a range of removal, management, transportation and disposal services to fully manage your liquid and hazardous waste requirements.

We have a proven track record of giving our unique waste removal services in the following areas:

More About Us

We have the proven ability to manage a wide range of liquid waste and prescribed waste types including:

  • Septic waste
  • Acid waste
  • Oily sludges
  • Oily water
  • Trade waste
  • Wash water
  • Waste oil.
  • Solvents
  • Caustic waste
  • Grease trap waste

Our experience in managing liquid and hazardous waste spans customers in almost every industry imaginable – from restaurants and workshops to large mining companies, we can provide a customised waste management solution.

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