7 Signs your Septic Tank Is Full and Needs Emptying in Harare & Zimbabwe

Septic tanks serve a very important purpose in Harare and Zimbabwe. When people use their toilets, they flush it and never care where the waste goes. However, the process that happens after the toilet has been flushed is very important. Perhaps a little education may be important to our audience. Flushed waste either goes into the main council municipal line or into the septic tank located in the property. The waste that goes into the council sewer line shall be taken to treatment tanks where separation takes place.

The waste that goes to the septic tanks collects at the bottom of the septic tank and builds up over time. As the level of the waste goes up and up, the septic tank fills up. That is when all the drama now begins. Some new homeowners experience this with shock. This article therefore highlights signs that your septic tank is full so that you know when to call a septic tank emptying company The following are the signs your septic tank is full in Harare and Zimbabwe.

How to to Tell Your Septic Tank is Full and needs to be emptied

  1. Pooling Water Above Septic Tank
  2. Slow Draining Sinks, Baths & Toilets
  3. Odors Around the Septic Tank or House
  4. Noise and Gurgling Pipes
  5. Sewer Back Up
  6. An Overly Healthy Lawn
  7. Trouble Flushing

Pooling Water Above the Septic Tank

Do you notice water pooling around and above your septic tank? If it has not rained of late, this definitely points to your septic tank overflowing and being full. This usually happens if your tank is now at full capacity and solid water is now blocking the system, therefore forcing the liquid up to the top of the ground.

Slow Draining Sinks Baths & Toilets

Take note if you see your baths, sinks or toilets are draining slowly. This may point to your drains being blocked, and clogged or your septic tank being full and needs emptying. If its a clog, it may get cleared by using a drain friendly cleaner. However, if the problem persists, you may need to call WRS Waste Removals to have the septic tank emptied soonest.

Backflows in the Toilet

Have you ever used your toilet and water suddenly comes up and goes slowly? This is one sign your septic tank is full. The reason water now drains slowly in the toilet is all the space in the septic tank has been taken up by the solid waste which has built up in the septic tank.

Odors Around the Septic Tank or House

All the waste from baths, toilets, showers and kitchens goes into the septic tank. As this waste is broken down by bacteria, it generates not a so pleasant smell. This is the smell you shall surely notice. Noticing this around your house or septic tank points to your septic tank being full or somewhere close to it. Odors may also mean that there is  leak somewhere which you may need to check out.  One bad thing about smells is not only shall they be affecting you but also your neighbours. Talk of being a good neighbour.


Noisy and Gurgling Water

Consistent gurgling water in the pipes is also another sign your septic tank is full and needs emptying in Harare and Zimbabwe. Do not ignore them at all. The gurgling sounds are as a result of the septic tank being full of solids and not being able to function properly. However, this can also be a sign of septic drain field failure.

Sewer Back Up

This one is difficult to miss and one that you do not want to happen. Normally, it is just the water that backs up. But worse, solid waste can come up and this can bring unpleasant surprises.

An overly Healthy Lawn

This seems to be a positive outcome of a septic tank being full in Harare and Zimbabwe. The grass above your septic tank will look overly green and the most healthiest you have ever seen. Outshining of the grass as compared to some parts of the garden shall be a warning sign that your septic tank is full in Harare and Zimbabwe. You therefore need to call a professional septic tank emptying company such as WRS Waste to take care of the problem.

Trouble Flushing

Are you having some trouble flushing your toilet? This problem can also be linked to slow drainage. If you notice toilets are struggling to be flushed or have weak flush, this may point to your septic tank being full.

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